Ethics and Compliance

At Ingeteam we strengthen our commitment to ethical, honest, upright business relationships day by day. Such business relationships are the basis of the trust with customers, suppliers, public administrations, other associated third parties and, in short, with society as a whole in all the territories where we work. Accordingly, Ingeteam has signed up to the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact.

We also affirm our day-to-day undertaking to comply with applicable legislation, in-house regulations and standards and the recommendations of the sectors in which we do business.

Our Ethics and Compliance Model and our Code of Conduct highlight the following to all the employees and third parties with whom we work and to society in general:

  • Values and principles in Ingeteam business relationships.
  • What behaviour is not considered tolerable or appropriate in business relationships. 
  • The obligation to report inappropriate behaviour. 

Our intention is always to be a benchmark for business ethics and compliance and to act on the basis of respect, dignity and fairness.

If you require any further information about Ethics and Compliance in Ingeteam, or as a Customer or Supplier of Ingeteam you need to fill out any type of documentation, please kindly contact with the Compliance team at this email: