Channels for reporting non-compliance and irregularities

What should be reported:

Cases of non-compliance in the following areas by employees, suppliers or third parties with whom Ingeteam maintains direct employment, business or professional links should be reported in good faith:

  • Breaches of the Code of Conduct or any other policy or procedure of Ingeteam.
  • Breaches of current legislation or regulations on labour, civil or criminal matters that may be detected and that affect Ingeteam.
  • Any doubt or suspicion of actual or potential financial or reputational harm to Ingeteam.

Who should file reports:

All Ingeteam employees, whatever their rank or geographical location, have a duty to file such reports, as do third-party suppliers with direct links and lawful business connections.


Where reports should be submitted:

The best course of action is for individuals to submit a report to their immediate superiors, but if there is any doubt as to the commitment of the latter, if the reporting party feels uncomfortable with this, or if the superior may be involved in the non-compliance, the whistleblower channel or a letter by post should be used.

Reports can be filed through the whistleblower channel at the following email address, where messages are received directly by the Ethics and Compliance Committee.

Letters can also be sent by ordinary mail to the following address:

Ingeteam Whistleblower Channel
Compliance Committee
Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia, Edificio 106.
CP 48170, Zamudio, España - Spain.

Non-retaliation and confidentiality guarantees

The Board of Directors of Ingeteam appreciates, protects and firmly supports all those who help to prevent irregular conduct. Everyone who works for or with the company should be able to feel safe from any negative repercussions following a report filed in good faith. Accordingly, the Board of Directors expressly assures that no reprisals will be taken by anyone at the organisation, provided that reports are found to be submitted in good faith. Any such reprisal against a whistleblower is a breach of the Code of Conduct. The Board of Directors also assures the utmost confidentiality in regard to the identity of the whistleblower and to the data provided, which will be known only to the Ethics and Compliance Committee, the investigating team and, as the case may be, by the judicial authorities in cases of compulsory disclosure.