To promote the global transition to clean energy through the development and application of cutting-edge technology in rotating electric machines, power electronics and automation and control systems.


Be a reference in the electrification business offering customised and competitive products, services and systems.
We will concentrate our efforts on people and continuous improvement so that, in collaboration with our clients, we ensure that Ingeteam is a sustainable project.

We will reach this leadership based on:


Excellence in service:

Our business model as well as our Competitive Strategy will be based on being excellent regarding the service to our Customers. Customer satisfaction is the key for our business.

It will be part of our policy to establish partnerships and alliances to achieve mutual satisfaction and to go beyond the day-to-day routine.


Technology and innovation:

We will encourage innovative attitudes in products and services, systems and work procedures that constantly improve management and our proposals to the Customers, using the necessary available technologies to achieve that. We will use our technology and innovation as a lever for growth and differentiation.

We will direct our growth to the areas where we can provide products and services with greater added value and technological content.


Commitment to total quality, competitiveness, internal efficiency, strictness and caution in business actions, will constitute the identity of the company project, endowing value while representing a solid safeguard warranty of the interests of shareholders and employees.

Therefore INGETEAM will assume the philosophy of continuous improvement and the search for discrete improvements in all areas of activity proactively so that we progress towards Operational Excellence & Business Excellence.



  • Respect for all the people with whom we interact, inside as well as outside the company.
  • Honesty, transparency and loyalty.
  • Social commitment.
  • Human and professional development of personnel.
  • Act with: rigour, professionalism, efficiency, team cooperation...
  • Commitment of excellence towards our internal and external clients.