People are our most important asset

Since the very beginning, Ingeteam has prided itself on being a company with a human face that promotes environments for the personal and professional development of its staff: only with their commitment and involvement in our projects can we all, as part of a team, give our best to our customers.

We currently total over 3,500 professionals, located mainly in Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa, Navarre and Albacete, and at over 16 international locations on 5 continents.

Equipo Humano

We are characterised by:

  • Over 80 years’ business experience that, based on the example set by our founders, has shaped a culture of strong values.
  • Our technological capability: with 11% of our staff dedicated to R&D, the challenge of innovation is evident in every one of our processes.
  • A young and highly qualified workforce, with an average age of 38, seniority of 8, and a high percentage of people with higher education qualifications. The team combines both youth and experience. And sees itself as a professional, cohesive group, that is very well prepared to face the big challenges of the future.

Main commitments


Safety and well-being

The safety of our people is our top priority. In addition to complying with all applicable international Occupational Health and Safety regulations, we encourage a healthy lifestyle through various campaigns to raise awareness and promote well-being both internally and in the communities in which we operate.

Seguridad y bienestar

Work-life balance and equality

Our core values include cultural diversity, the fight against any kind of discrimination and our strongest commitment to the support of equal opportunities.

We have implemented various Equality Programmes (some awarded by leading organisations in the field, such as Emakunde), and Prevention and Action Protocols for dealing with harassment (sexual, gender-based or workplace), and provided specific training and appointed Committees at each workplace.

We also offer all staff different work-life balance options, designed and implemented according to the diversity of our markets, teams, environments and activities.

No project would be possible without the people who comprise the Ingeteam family.

Training and professional development

We promote the personal and professional development of our teams through various training and talent management programmes. We want our customer satisfaction to be an extension of the satisfaction and development of the people who comprise Ingeteam.

Every year we invest more than 100,000 hours in training activities aimed at acquiring and improving competitiveness and professional qualifications.