Supplier Code of Conduct

The Supplier Code of Conduct of Ingeteam requires suppliers to operate according to shared values as regards corporate conduct. It also extends to third parties with whom the company is associated, such as subcontractors, sales agents, consultants and similar.

The services and products sourced from suppliers are an essential part of the value chain provided to customers, so they are required to comply strictly with legislation, with the same ethical values on defence of human rights and integrity, prevention of corruption, protection of intellectual and industrial property rights, safety, health, environmental matters and undertakings not to use conflict minerals. Accordingly, suppliers of Ingeteam are expected to exercise their responsibilities within their own value chains and to include these issues also in their own purchasing policies and procedures and the assessment of subcontractors and suppliers.

Image Supplier Code of Conduct

The Board of Directors expects all suppliers of Ingeteam to maintain the highest standards of ethics, to behave with professionalism and honesty, to abide by the provisions of the Code of Conduct and the Code of Conduct for Suppliers of Ingeteam (available at and to use the whistleblower channel ( to report any specific case, concern or suspicion of a breach of either code of conduct or any related regulation.

The Board of Directors of Ingeteam therefore requires the company's suppliers to accept and comply with the Supplier Code of Conduct and the Code of Conduct of the company. Suppliers must also agree to comply fully with all applicable legislation in the jurisdiction where they are registered and in that were the purchase order or contract is to be fulfilled.

If any supplier or employee of a supplier acting in its name commits a serious breach of these codes, particularly in cases of fraud, corruption, conflict of interest, breach of human rights, rights on intellectual and industrial property, HSE and conflict minerals, Ingeteam may cancel or rescind the relevant purchase order or contract and may claim back from the supplier any additional cost incurred by the company as a result of such early termination. In such cases, the supplier must agree not to file any claim for payment under the relevant agreement, including payment for supplies or services already provided. Ingeteam declines any liability in any claim for loss or damages that may arise from or in relation to non-compliance on the part of a supplier in the said matters.