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Substation Automation

Ingeteam offers a wide range of products and solutions with the latest technology for the comprehensive control, protection and automation of electrical substations. Based on microprocessor technology, the solutions proposed by Ingeteam offer a custom-made system complying with all of the requirements of the plant operational staff, as well as powerful analysis tools for contributing to continuously improving the electrical grid.

 In this sphere, two main types of solution can be differentiated:

  • INGESASTM IS: Solutions for locally and remotely protecting and controlling all types of installations in compliance with standard IEC61850.
  • INGESASTM P+C: Solutions for protecting, monitoring and locally and remotely controlling the distribution substations of medium- and high-voltage electrical grids.


IEC 61850 constitutes an international standard which seeks to unify the criteria of all of the agents involved in efficiently managing electrical energy generation, transport and distribution. This standard seeks to maximise the benefits of the latest developments in telecommunications, thus offering solutions to needs arising from energy generation, mainly from renewable sources, and managing it efficiently up to different demand points, within the context of smart grids.

In IEC61850 systems, all of the substation elements are connected to the same Ethernet network, and the traditional master-slave concept is replaced with a Client - Server model.  This allows several clients to  simultaneously access the same data server, including peer to peer or goose communications, which enable data to be quickly exchanged between units belonging to the same level, the main function being to replace traditional physical wiring to reduce engineering and installation costs.

In IEC61850 solutions, different agents with perfectly-defined functions are established:
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface): This is an IEC 61850 client that collects information from several IEDs and allows the user to supervise the system and operate it locally or remotely.
  • RTU IED + Logic: IEC 61850 client which receives information from the IEDs located in the position level and communication s with the Main Telecontrol Centre. It also runs logic at station level.
  • Local IEDs: These are control and protection units. These units are connected to the process level (switches, transformers etc.). and mainly act as data servers.  
  • Communications Network: The communications network is based on an (ISO / IEC 8802-3) Ethernet in accordance with section 8-1 of the standard.
  • Switches: These are elements for connection to the local network. They provide local network with access to different system units, thus preventing collisions.
  • IEC 61850 Gateway: Element which permits integration of devices that are non-compliant into the IEC 61850 network.


INGESASTM P+C is the set of equipment and services offered by INGETEAM for controlling, measuring, protecting and automating high- and medium-voltage electrical power plants.

INGESASTM P+C systems allow you to completely control and supervise all of a substation's elements.

INGESASTM P+C supports different architectures and communication protocols, in order to cater for a wide range of applications, third-party devices and substation revamping and expansion projects.

The equipment which forms part of the INGESASTM P+C solution is based on microprocessor technology.  Hence, it is able to perform many functions, reducing space costs and cabling.
Information at position level is collected by different INGEPACTM TCP control devices, by measurement equipment or by protection relays (PZ1000, PD300, PL300 o PL70), directly from measurement transformers or by field input cabling. All of the information is gathered into an INGESASTM UCS master element, which is responsible for managing and serving information on statuses, alarms, events, etc. both to the upper levels and to different local and remote supervision or operating consoles.

INGESASTM UCS is also responsible for synchronising all of the equipment, performing automatic operations at substation level, or communicating with other substations or control centres, emulating different telecontrol protocols. 


Engineering and Configuration Tools
RTU Client + Logic

IEC 61850 Remote Input Output module

Control and Protection IEDs

Feeder control and  multifunction protection relay

Protection relays
Substation control unit
Local control unit

Meter and recorder power quality


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