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In our commitment to offering our clients complete and personalised solutions, Ingeteam offers a 360º CRS (Customer Relationship Service) with all of our product range, providing you with comprehensive consultancy, direct technical support, training and maintenance services throughout the lifetime of our products.

360º CRS is a dynamic, personalised service that covers all of stages and contact points between Ingeteam and our clients. The 360ºCRS programme is supported by a professional technical team whose goal is client satisfaction and continuous improvement of products and services, always hand in hand with the latest advances and technologies in each application sector.

The following services are part of the 360º CRS programme.

24/7 support incl. direct access to R&D engineers

During the warranty period, in the event of an incident, Ingeteam guarantees immediate, permanent, and direct assistance with key technicians and engineers providing advice and high-quality support to our clients.

Once the warrant period has expired, Ingeteam offers its clients the option to extend out-of-hours customer support services provided by the Ingedrive technical support team by means of customised contracts to suit the needs of our clients.

25-year lifecycle incl. service + spares

Ingeteam guarantees the repair service of the entire INGEDRIVETM family for a period of 25 years as of the date of purchase of our equipment.

Remote Access

INGEDRIVETM products are ready to be monitored remotely which enables Ingeteam's technical team to offer our clients the option to track and analyse any incident in a device remotely.


The commissioning of INGEDRIVETM equipment is carried out by highly-qualified, multidisciplinary staff with experience in a wide range of sectors, to ensure your installation has best adaptation and best performance. This, together with the fact that devices leave the factory having been completely tested and verified, makes the commissioning time considerably shorter.

Spare Parts Stock

Ingeteam has designed the INGEDRIVETM range based on the concept of power stacks. This enables us to have a permanent stock of main converter components in our logistical and manufacturing centres, reducing the supply times for immediately attending to potential emergencies to a minimum.


Anytime, anywhere. The aim of INGEDRIVETM Support is to minimise the impact of a potential stoppage or incident in our devices. Therefore, we offer a global field service within 48 hours anywhere in the world.

Technical Support and Engineering

Ingeteam offers its clients pre-sales technical and engineering support in order to provide assistance and advice during the initial stages and from the project definition to the commissioning of our equipment and delivery of our installations.


Ingeteam's team of course leaders offers comprehensive, customised theory and practical programmes to meet the training requirements of its clients.

Ingeteam has a specific area for providing theory and practical classes where we have specific material and converters with different topologies from the entire INGEDRIVETM range.

The different options can be summarised in two levels in which the subject content and depth of learning is adapted to the student and to the aim of the course.

  • User Level Course → Designed for maintenance and troubleshooting. Aimed at users and end users.
  • Expertise Level Course → Aimed at equipment commissioning engineers. More for integrators.

INGEDRIVE H. PTI/PTO Hybrid Electrical Drives Catalogue

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    Exponor Chile 2017

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    Norshipping 2017

    For more than 50 years, Nor-Shipping has been, activity-filled event that attracts key maritime industry players from across the world. The presence o...
  • 06/06/2017

    Electric & Hybrid 2017

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  • 18/09/2017


    El Instituto de Ingenieros de Minas del Perú organiza PERUMIN – Convención Minera, evento bienal que tiene como finalidad fortalecer el desarrollo pro...
  • 07/11/2017

    EUROPORT 2017

    Rotterdam-Ahoy, NL
  • 28/11/2017

    SPS IPC Drives 2017

    Nürnberg, AL

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