Likewise others rolling mills, a Steel Pipe Mill begins with a Furnace, in this case a Rotary Hearth Furnace, to heat up to 1250ºC the round ingots, prior to be dispatched to the Piercing Machine and later on to the Push Bench, with pushing speeds around 6 m/s. 

The process continues with a temperature homogenization in a Walking Beam Furnace to be later sized in a Stretch Reducing Mill with input speeds around 1 m/s and delivery speeds of 6 m/s.

The final stages are a convection cooling in a cooling bed area ending in the sections of cut to length and stackers machines besides binding and tying prior to the final delivery in the finished product storage.

Master Control Systems (MCS), Sequential Control Systems (SCS) and Technological Control Systems (TCS), are intended in number and with the same philosophy deployed for the other types of rolling mills.

Tren Reductor Calibrador, Tubos Reunidos

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