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Ingeteam develops a central inverter for 1500 V DC batteries

Ingeteam develops a central inverter for 1500 V DC batteries
  • The IS STORAGE 3Power HV inverter is aimed at large-scale storage systems developed with batteries of up to 1500 V DC.
  • The first units will be delivered in July 2023.

Ingeteam has developed a new central inverter for large-scale battery systems. This new product, commercially known as IS STORAGE 3Power HV, is specifically intended for energy storage plants developed with batteries up to a maximum voltage of 1500 V DC. The first units will start to be delivered in July for a project in Italy.

This inverter, which can achieve up to 3.93 MVA of battery discharge power operating at 1500 V DC, is certified for both the European market (CE marking and IEC standard) and the North American market (UL 1741 SB standard) and can operate in both grid following and grid forming modes. I.e., it can operate as a current source and as a voltage source, and in the latter can operate in isolation from the grid, generating an alternating current network on its own. This functionality is very interesting and provides greater stability to the network by acting as a virtual synchronous machine that provides synthetic inertia.

It has a double liquid cooling circuit that guarantees maximum water tightness (IP65) and the best possible performance for its electronic components, IGBTs and power phases.

It is normally supplied as part of a Power Station, which, apart from the inverters (up to two units), includes the other elements necessary for its medium-voltage use and connection.