Operation and Maintenance

Currently, a common problem confronts developers, operators and maintainers of renewable plants. For example, the large number of wind turbines to be operated and/or maintained, the wide range of suppliers and associated services, together with the growing number of operational data and parameters recorded means that the volume of information directly processed by a manager is excessive. During 5 years of operation of a fleet of 1,000 wind turbines, more than 1,000,000 shutdowns can be recorded and more than 60,000 reports can be received from different services (e.g. blade inspections, audits, vibration analysis, oil analysis...).

In order to solve this problem, Ingeboards was created, a web application developed entirely by Ingeteam, which provides business intelligence tools with the aim of improving the efficiency of the asset life cycle management. These functionalities make it possible to reduce the Operation and Maintenance costs of any energy installation, based on the one hand on the economic analysis through the monitoring of budgets, market status, availability, CMMS, etc. and on the other hand on the operational analysis through the analysis of events (number of repetitions, duration, ...), maintenance analysis, etc. In addition, its functionalities are even useful for any non-renewable installation, such as rail and maritime traction, based mainly on.

  • Maintenance analysis with specific indicators such as MTBF, MTTR, monitoring of spare parts consumption, failure rates, troubleshooting, etc.
  • Operational analysis through event tracking.
  • Economic analysis by monitoring budgets, market conditions, availability, etc.

INGEBOARDS is fully modular and configurable according to the needs and requirements of the client, allowing the integration of any source of information (SCADA, SAP, CMMS (CMMS), maintenance reports, etc.) with the aim of reusing tools already implemented in the management of the installation itself.







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