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A little piece of Ingeteam in Heroines of Sálvora

A little piece of Ingeteam in Heroines of Sálvora
  • It is a multi-purpose vessel that will be used by Maritime Rescue to contribute to safety in different areas: rescue, fire-fighting, towing, etc.
  • Its name is a tribute to the story of three Galician women who led the rescue of the steamship Santa Isabel in 1921.


Heroines of Sálvora, the new multipurpose vessel, delivered by Zamakona Yards to Sasemar - Salvamento Marítimo (Sociedad de Salvamento y Seguridad Marítima) is 82 meters long, has 200 tons of boarding pull and a total installed power of 15,600 kW.

This vessel will allow to act in maritime safety at different levels: rescue and towing, anti-pollution, firefighting, support and capacity to receive and attend large-scale drone flight operations.

At Ingeteam we have supplied key equipment for its operation. The Ship's Power Plant is formed by:

  • 3 Main Generators of 2593kVA at 690Vac.
  • 2 Indar Shaft generators, manufactured by Ingeteam of 3125kVA at 690Vac regulated by 2 Ingeteam manufactured frequency converters (INGEDRIVE LV400).
  • 4 frequency converters manufactured by Ingeteam (INGEDRIVE LV400) to manage the 4 main Motors of 900kW at 690Vac that drive the auxiliary propellers (stern thrusters motors).
  • Main switchboards, distribution transformers, auxiliary switchboards, etc.

To carry out these functions, it has two auxiliary vessels: one for rescue and recovery work and the other for waste collection.

In addition, it has the following features:
- Arms, suction pumps, containment barriers and portable pumps, and their storage and decanting in dedicated tanks to collect hydrocarbon residues.
- Water cannons for fire fighting.
- Two high-capacity cranes for handling heavy material.
- Spaces equipped and endowed for the work of divers, auxiliary equipment, communications center, etc.
- Night vision camera and a dynamic positioning system to maintain GPS position regardless of weather conditions.
- Flight deck capable of receiving and handling “large-scale” drone flight operations.

To optimize energy consumption, it contains a diesel-electric ECO propulsion plant and has an electrical port connection.

Three brave women on the Galician Titanic

The name Heroines of Sálvora has its origin in the story of three women who led the rescue of the steamship Santa Isabel in 1921, an episode known as the "Galician Titanic". Apparently, on the night of January 2nd of that year, a storm off Fisterra wrecked and broke in two this ship that was travelling along the coasts of the peninsula to transport the passengers bound for American emigration.

María Fernández, Josefa Parada and Cipriana Oujo demonstrated their bravery and generosity by saving dozens of lives in the midst of a tragedy in which 213 people lost their lives. The women rowed several miles on a stormy night to reach the steamer and began rescuing the passengers, who were trying to reach safety in small wooden boats.

This story, an example of courage and solidarity, inspires us to continue working for maritime safety.

We are grateful to Zamakona Yards for trusting us to carry out a project that reminds us of the importance of protecting our oceans!