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    50 GW wind power converters

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    30 GW generators

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    9.2 GW O&M services

A Complete Suite of Asset Monitoring Solutions for Renewable Energy Control Centers

As the installation of renewable energy projects continues to grow worldwide, so too does the need for advanced SCADA systems to manage day-to-day operations and optimize performance. Asset monitoring and plant performance optimization demands a combination of powerful and customizable analytics tools that allow data-driven predictive data analysis within Renewable Energy Control Centers.


With 30 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, Ingeteam has been providing leading SCADA solutions to key players in the industry. Developed in-house with the support of best-in-class technological partners, INGESYS™ SMART SCADA guarantees full compliance with the strictest requirements in terms of cybersecurity, data management, and communications, making it the perfect fit for multi-technology control centers. 


The INGESYS™ SMART SCADA software integrates proven state-of-the-science digital tools to create a Smart SCADA differentiating product able to track and analyze the data from real-time all the way to the O&M strategy decision. With this holistic approach, the SCADA software ensures that all the needs of renewable energy asset owners and operators are covered.



"Each operator faces particular challenges depending on their mix of assets and systems. 

The level of personalization and integration of all our tools across diverse assets is 

what truly makes us stand out from our competitors. We can unify and value data on 

multi-technology assets spread over multiple countries and are able to continuously 

improve processes, leading to significant operational savings"

Jorge Acedo, R&D Control Systems Director of Ingeteam Wind Energy


INGESYS™ Smart SCADA has been shown to deliver significant cost savings, enhanced security, and performance improvements for the integrated management of wind, solar and hydro assets. The platform, developed and fine-tuned over 30 years, harnesses Big Data and IoT into a single suite capable of solving the most complex operational challenges.


Data-driven Digital Twin analytics is one of the most innovative tools to be integrated in the suite. Created using both real-time and offline data collected from an extensive population in terms of location and technology through an integrated state-of-the-art historian tool suite, the models can be used to analyse performance and recommend corrective actions. Powerful algorithms, dashboards and reporting capabilities allow asset managers to gain valuable insights to support decisions that have a large impact on overall performance. Machine learning algorithms continuously track the behaviour of key components and raise alerts in the event of non-conformance. Visual analytics enable technicians to clearly identify issues and respond swiftly.


Deploying a data-driven digital twin for the monitoring of a multi-technology asset portfolio in Latin America
A leading asset owner in Latin America needed to unify the large and complex set of SCADA data generated in order to improve decision-making processesand create more value.

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