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Coking Processes

In coal coking processes, using byproduct coke-ovens, volatile coal compounds evaporate and are driven off. These volatile compounds exit the coke-oven chambers in the form of hot primary gas. After exiting the coke-oven, this primary gas cools down, producing a flow of condensed liquid and a gas flow.

The purpose of the byproducts plant is to collect the coke-oven flows, process them and subsequently recover the chemical coal by-products and process the gas so that it may be used as fuel gas.

Ingeteam provides complete consultancy services and “turnkey” supplies for:

Integrated plants for coal processing, purification, handling and storage. Coke-oven batteries and machines. Coke dry cooling plants Coke sorting and handling plants Load emission control system Repair of ovens, in hot and cold, to extend the useful life of coke oven batteries and resume production activities. Expert services for health control and the maintenance of coke-oven batteries. Thermal control and after commissioning services.

Coking technologies and technological range:

Coal purification and preparation. Carbonization of coal using byproduct recovery ovens Plants for gas processing and the recovery of chemical products produced by coal. Coke dry-cooling plants Other chemical, petrochemical products based on the knowledge of the process licensee. Range of studies on market offers and services Selection of technology, feasibility reports. Basic Engineering. Consultancy and detail engineering. Procurement services. Inspection services. Project Management. Supervision of construction and installation. Heating-up and commissioning. Health, revamping/repair study. Execution of turnkey projects.

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