Power Generators

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Power Generators

Application areas

      SGIm SGIs  
CHP* for district heating networks, hospitals, universities, etc.       
CHP* for chemical and pharmaceutical plants  

CHP* for automotive, mining and heavy industry plants        
Groups in transformer test benches, reducers, electrical rotary machines, etc.        
Renewable energies
Biomass power plants (forest, sugar, cereals, oil, etc.)  
Geothermal plants  
Thermosolar plants  
Simple and combined cycle thermal plants for base loads and peak demand  
Power plants in locations without access to electrical grids        
Redundant / backup power systems      
Waste incinerator plants  
Marine & offshore    
Generation plants      
Diesel electric propulsion        
Main generator        
Auxiliary generation        
Shaft generator        
Rotary converter groups for generation installations: 50/60 Hz or 60/50 Hz        
Floating power plants on vessels or barges      

* CHP: cogeneration plants (simultaneous generation of heat and electricity) and trigeneration plants (simultaneous generation of cooling, heat and electricity).



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