• Plus de 550 MWh installés

    Plus de 550 MWh installés

Stockage d'énergie

Development of advanced energy storage solutions. These solutions, based on power and control electronics, meet the energy manageability needs with regard to generation, distribution and consumption.

  • Integration of battery storage in renewable energy generation plants (PV, wind power, marine, etc.).
  • Integration of battery energy storage or supercapacitors in power grids.
  • Integration of battery energy storage for homes and end consumers.

Onduleur batteries avec deux entrées photovoltaïques et le système EMS intègré.

Three-phase battery inverter with 100 kW of rated power for industrial self-consumption systems.

Onduleur pour le stockage d'énergie sur les grandes installations photovoltaïques.

Solution HTA jusque'à 6800 kVA avec onduleurs batteries à 1000V et 1500V.


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