• Variable Speed Drives

    Variable Speed Drives

  • Over 2GW Installed

    Over 2GW Installed

  • More than 200 vessels with INGEDRIVE converters

    More than 200 vessels with INGEDRIVE converters

  • Flexible & Customized

    Flexible & Customized

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One of Ingeteam's cornerstones and hallmarks by which our clients recognise us is our flexibility and ability to customise our products, services and solutions which, together with the high standards of quality in our products, make INGEDRIVETM a leading reference in the major sectors where we are present.

Flexibility: Adapting ourselves to design requirements, adapting our products to specific applications, offering flexible service and support whenever and wherever our clients need it.

Customisation:  Taking the core of any INGEDRIVETM device, namely the power stack, Ingeteam's design and engineering department adapts the final product to comply with the client's requirements, without compromising reliability or robustness and increasing usability and optimisation for each application. We not only manufacture devices but also personalise them to offer the best solution in a wide range of sectors including the marine sector, industry, mining, and oil & gas.

Perhaps this is why 90% of our clients rate us as being flexible and as providing highly-customisable solutions.

These two cornerstones are complemented with demanding quality standards which all of our products are subjected to, allowing Ingeteam to offer:

More than 35 years' experience in drives with in-house technology

Over 35 years' experience in power electronics for applications in a wide range of sectors including energy generation, industry, mining and the marine sector have created an extensive, solid knowledge base. This enables our design and engineering department to not only advise our clients on the best option but also to adapt equipment and software to each particular application, thus offering custom-made solutions.

Full current test for all VFDs

With the aim of including the latest advances in power electronics in INGEDRIVETM equipment, Ingeteam boasts the largest power electronics laboratory in southern Europe and one of the biggest in the world.

The testing and validating facilities cover a surface area of 13,000m2, with a capacity for testing equipment over 27MVA and with voltages up to 30kV and a team of over 200 international engineers and researchers.

Hence, Ingeteam offers combined or specific tests, besides the routine tests carried out on all INGEDRIVETM equipment.

Ingeteam's infrastructure allows us to offer combined or specific tests as well as rated current tests which are performed on all INGEDRIVETM equipment, the testing capacity being up to 6.9kV and 5000 amps.

Manufactured 100% in Europe

Ingeteam designs and manufactures the entire INGEDRIVETM range in its logistics and manufacturing centres in Europe. Ingeteam always works with leading brands and directly controls the entire manufacturing process to thus ensure the final quality of its products.

Hence, the flexibility, development capacity, customisation and quality of our products are key points which make our clients consider us as technological partners. 


INGEDRIVE LV200 Catalogue

INGEDRIVE LV200 Catalogue

INGEDRIVE MV100 Water Catalogue

INGEDRIVE MV100 Water Catalogue

INGEDRIVE MV100 Air Catalogue

INGEDRIVE MV100 Air Catalogue

INGEDRIVE MV300 Catalogue

INGEDRIVE MV300 Catalogue

INGEDRIVE MV700 Catalogue

INGEDRIVE MV700 Catalogue

INGEDRIVE MV500 Catalogue

INGEDRIVE MV500 Catalogue

INGEDRIVE LV800 Catalogue

INGEDRIVE LV800 Catalogue

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INGEDRIVE Product Selection Leaflet

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INGEDRIVE Product Range Table

INGEDRIVE MV900 Catalogue

INGEDRIVE MV900 Catálogue

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