Our real driving force

People, the most important asset of INDAR

Since its creation, INDAR has prided itself on being a company with a human face, where the personal component is one of its main assets. Priority has always been given to the value of people as a future project that bases its progress on values such as integrity, trust and professionalism above all. INDAR promotes the involvement and commitment of all its members so that each of them contribute the best of him/her self in all the activities that the company carries out.

Currently INDAR's staff is composed of more than 700 people in Beasain, activeg within different business units, and 140 people working at INDAR´s production plants overseas. With an average age of 40 years, the team combines youngness and experience. It is professional work team, balanced, cohesive and ready to face the great challenges of the years to come.

Despite of been a relatively young work team, they have gained skills at the company treasuring great knowledge acquired in the practice.
Thanks to this, at present, INDAR´s engineers and designers have an average age between 35 or 36 years, thus accumulating more than a decade of experience in house, who they know deeply the market they are serving and the solution they deliver.


Commitment to equality

Commitment to equality

INDAR promotes the equality between men and women avoiding imbalances that currently exist in the labor market. For this purpose, our first Equal Opportunity Plan (2017-2019) has been established.

The recently established equal opportunity commission sets the goals and the actions for the plan implementation.
The goals of this initiative are as follows:
• To Achieve and to unveil Management’s equality commitment.

• To Achieve work force implication.

• To Work in order to establish equality in every work process.

• To guarantee the use of an inclusive language.

• To bring the Equality Plan closer to the workers.

• To carry out nondiscriminatory selection and internal promotion processes

• To identify and to avoid salary payment imbalances.

• To promote work, family and personal life reconciliation.

• To boost safety and health policies at work.

• To Prevent and to avoid sexual and sexist harassment.


The customer, our reason for being

The company has cultivated a differential quality during its long and fruitful journey; its proximity to customers. INDAR works on the specialization and customization of the products to adapt them into solutions satisfying its ‘customer’s demands. This is the strategy of success that currently allows Indar to compete with success in different market niches.

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