R & D

R & D, our growth driver

Since its beginnings, INDAR has based its strategy in been its own technology owner and developer. It soon began to develop technologies backed in its experience and its innovation culture. As a result, its products have undergone an evolution towards higher levels of robustness, efficiency and reliability.

At present, faced with the great challenge posed by globalization, investment in R&D is regarded as an essential element which lends added value to each project and application that is developed. One of the key proposals is the capacity to adapt each product to any requirements and offer tailor-made solutions to the needs of our customers.

When the company joined Ingeteam Group, an effective R&D model was implemented, one of the aspects that most characterizes Ingeteam Corporation. Nowadays, investment in R&D in INDAR accounts for approximately 3.5% of the company’s total turnover.

The aim of our R&D department is to come up with solutions, to continue developing our own technology, to improve our state of the art and to contribute to the design of products adapted at different levels of requirements for the customers of the various fields in which we are present. 

The power electronics laboratory and its characteristics

INDAR’s R&D team has developed a combined power electronics and rotating electrical machine laboratory, considered a milestone in its class. Despite the fact that each INDAR business unit counts with its own test bench, the prototypes are tested and validated in the R&D laboratory.

On the one hand this laboratory enables us to see how the electrical machines operate once installed at their final destination, allowing for instance to test them in all types of environmental conditions. On the other hand, “life testing” method implementation is becoming more and more common, where the complete life cycle of an electric machine is simulated at an accelerated pace. In this way, the machine is submitted to all types of situations which it will undergo throughout its useful life, stating that the customer’s order and the life expectancy of the product coincide.

Characteristics of the R&D laboratory:

  • Full load tests up to 8MW.
  • Back to back test configuration up to 65 MW.
  • The capacity to carry out LVRT (Low Voltage Ride Though) tests
  • Self-generated network - 50/60 Hz 20 MVA.
  • Electrical and combined tests and thermal insulation tests.
  • Climatic chamber (from -30ºC to 80ºC) for extreme environmental conditions (component tests).
  • A TEA furnace, insulation tests and trials,…etc 


Sensorization, monitoring and advanced diagnosis

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