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INDAR facing the Covid-19

INDAR facing the Covid-19

From Indar (Ingeteam Group) we want to convey a message of tranquility to all our workers, clients and suppliers.

First and foremost is our responsibility in the overall containment of this pandemic starting with the safety of our employees and partners. Our main driver is our responsibility to protect our business and that of our partners’. We want to transmit to all of them that Indar will continue supporting them during these difficult times doing everything needed to ensure we keep together and will come back even stronger when the world comes back to normal again. The experience acquired over these 80 years gives us a long-term perspective to continue with great drive and commitment. While we all continue on a global basis fighting against this COVID-19 pandemic, at INDAR we have a great team working and ready to give the best of services to those who require it.


Indar, Your driving force