Currently, a common problem confronts developers, operators and maintainers of renewable plants. For example, the large number of wind turbines to be operated and/or maintained, the wide range of suppliers and associated services, together with the growing number of operational data and parameters recorded means that the volume of information directly processed by a manager is excessive. During 5 years of operation of a fleet of 1,000 wind turbines, more than 1,000,000 shutdowns can be recorded and more than 60,000 reports can be received from different services (e.g. blade inspections, audits, vibration analysis, oil analysis...).

In order to solve this problem, Ingeboards was created, a web application developed entirely by Ingeteam, which provides business intelligence tools with the aim of improving the efficiency of the asset life cycle management. These functionalities make it possible to reduce the Operation and Maintenance costs of any energy installation, based on the one hand on the economic analysis through the monitoring of budgets, market status, availability, CMMS, etc. and on the other hand on the operational analysis through the analysis of events (number of repetitions, duration, ...), maintenance analysis, etc. In addition, its functionalities are even useful for any non-renewable installation, such as rail and maritime traction, based mainly on.

  • Maintenance analysis with specific indicators such as MTBF, MTTR, monitoring of spare parts consumption, failure rates, troubleshooting, etc.
  • Operational analysis through event tracking.
  • Economic analysis by monitoring budgets, market conditions, availability, etc.

INGEBOARDS® is fully modular and configurable according to the needs and requirements of the client, allowing the integration of any source of information (SCADA, SAP, CMMS (CMMS), maintenance reports, etc.) with the aim of reusing tools already implemented in the management of the installation itself.





Ingeteam supplies predictive maintenance products under the Ingepredict® brand, directed at extending the useful life of assets.

Ingepredict® is the ideal solution to maximize the performance and availability of the assets employed in the industrial and energy sectors, through early fault detection and maintenance optimization, resulting in operation and maintenance cost savings.

Ingepredict® is a state-of-the-art solution for predictive maintenance and asset lifetime extension, offering the following tools: Condition Monitoring System, Audits and UPTOWER repairs.

Comprising the following products:


Condition Monitoring System:

Ingepredict® offers a holistic approach to the assessment of the condition of rotating machinery. This approach makes it possible to detect upcoming failures and to offer customers solutions directed at avoiding downtime and unexpected failures that may result in critical damage. To this end, Ingepredict®:

Designs, manufactures and installs CMS equipment: State-of-the-art technology based on years of experience and thousands of monitoring systems installed around the world.

Predictive maintenance software: To collect, store and analyze data from different CMS manufacturers. The analysis of this data therefore facilitates the diagnosis of the assets, based on their operating condition.

Online monitoring & diagnostic Service: On an ongoing basis, Ingeteam's experts in analysis and diagnostics perform the worldwide monitoring of the vibration data from many different assets, for a large number of global operators and utility companies from all over the world.



Ingepredict® offers a complete range of inspection services for industrial and power plants, onshore and offshore wind turbines. Our audits provide completely objective and independent information on the condition of the wind turbines and assets. Our inspections help to reduce risks, to inform the parties concerned as to the condition of the assets and to comply with regulations. We carry out inspections throughout the world.

All audits are performed by highly qualified inspectors with many years of experience in the wind power sector.

Some of the key audits are:


  • End-of-warranty inspection:

Once the warranty period provided for by the wind turbine manufacturer/maintainer has ended, this is the time to make a complete inspection of the wind turbine: visual inspection with analysis of the power curve; inspection of the gearbox; inspection of the generator; oil analysis; blade inspection; inspection of the MV switchgear, safety devices etc. The end-of-warranty inspection provides complete, reliable information on the current condition of the wind turbine.


  • Borescopes:

Ingepredict® offers its extensive experience of more than 4,000 borescope inspections on multi-technology. The inspection is made through professional videoscopes, and on different components of the power train, such as the gearbox, main shaft bearing, generator, and blade bearings.


  • Thermography:

Thermal imaging as a non-contact method, may be useful for electrical and mechanical systems. To this end, Ingepredict® conducts thermographic inspections on generators, power converters, power transformers, PV plants, switchgear enclosures, etc. For thermographic inspections made with drones, Ingeteam has developed the RA4PV project, directed at optimizing PV plant performance through an innovative smart analysis tool based on the implementation of new monitoring systems with drones, which will make it possible to increase the profitability and extend the operating life of PV installations.


  • Root cause analysis
  • Vibration analysis audit
  • Ultrasound
  • Oil and grease analysis
  • Blade inspection
  • Generator electrical analysis


Extending the life of your assets:

UPTOWER repairs

Ingeteam employs a team of repair specialists dedicated to the development of improvement solutions and new repairs of gearboxes and generators. In other words, this means an immediate benefit through a reduction of O&M costs and lower operating risks. We adapt our solutions to meet your needs. We can analyze any possible repair that your assets may require, thanks to our tools adapted to different technologies and to our know-how (as a result of our status as an independent multi-technology service provider).





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