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Ingeteam supplies its solar inverters for a PV project of more than 100MW in Chile

Ingeteam supplies its solar inverters for a PV project of more than 100MW in Chile


Ø  Ingeteam has supplied 70 solar inverters for Naturgy's photovoltaic project in Chile.

Ø  Over the next few months, Ingeteam is set to perform the commissioning work and will be responsible for providing the subsequent O&M services for this project with a power capacity of  more than 100 MW.


Ingeteam has supplied 70 PV inverters for a photovoltaic project that is being constructed in Chile, owned by Global Power Generation (GPG), the international power generation subsidiary of the Naturgy group. Over the next few months, the company is set to perform the commissioning work and will also be responsible for the provision of the operation and maintenance services at both plants, totaling a power capacity of more than 100 MW.

This project comprises two plants, San Pedro I and San Pedro IV, with 48 MW and 60 MW respectively, located in the heart of the Atacama desert. Given that this is the most arid desert in the world, with harsh climatic conditions, this project has been a real technological challenge.

For this project, Ingeteam has supplied 70 of its PV central inverters with 1500V technology and a rated power of 1690kW, housed in 18 Inverter Stations fitted with all the equipment required for low to medium voltage conversion. Furthermore, the Power Plant Controller (PPC) system for the management of all the solar inverters at both plants, was also supplied by Ingeteam..

With regard to the O&M services, this is a Full Service contract that includes LV, MV and HV electromechanical maintenance (including the substation and transmission line), the cleaning of modules, plant safety, 24x7 monitoring and reporting.

Furthermore, the personnel responsible for this work will perform predictive, preventive, corrective maintenance work, activity reporting, warranty management, spares management and supply, drone thermography, etc.

The Ingeteam supply

For this project, Ingeteam has supplied:

·   70 central PV inverters with 1500V technology. The inverter model is the INGECON SUN 1690TL B650.

·   Sixteen 6.76MW Inverter Stations and two 5MW Inverter Stations, fitted with all the equipment required for low to medium voltage conversion  (transformer and MV switchgear, LV switchboard, auxiliary services, PV inverters, etc.).

·   INGECON SUN Power Plant Controller (PPC) system

·   Project commissioning.

·   General operation and maintenance of both plants.


Ingeteam in Chile


Since it first gained a foothold in this country in the Andes seven years ago, Ingeteam has supplied more than 1.5 GW in PV inverters, boasting an exceptional position in the solar inverter manufacturer ranking in Chile.

The company has also supplied control and protection systems to the Chilean market for the grid connection of more than 1.8 GW of renewable energy in ten substations of wind power plants and nine substations of PV power plants.

Furthermore, Ingeteam has secured its position as a leader in the operation and maintenance (O&M) of renewable energy generation plants. In Latin America, the company is responsible for the maintenance of a total of 3.3 GW. Specifically, in the solar sector in Chile, Ingeteam maintains 29% of the total renewable power installed in the country, a record figure that has been achieved primarily thanks to its presence in the Atacama desert.


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