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Generators and Energy Storage services to improve the flexibility and efficiency of internal combustion engine plants

Generators and Energy Storage services to improve the flexibility and efficiency  of internal combustion engine plants

The extensive addition of renewable energies to the grid reflects the power generation sector´s a dramatic change, throughout which electric grids are facing new challenges due to the increasing number of highly variable and unpredictable generation systems.

The highly demanding new grid code scenario can be addressed by improving even more the flexibility of internal combustion engine plants (ICE) with the addition of battery energy storage systems. Indar has cost-effective solutions based on in-house technology.

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Indar’s cutting edge solutions provide smart grid support services such as:

• Black-start
• Power quality
• Frequency regulation
• Peak shaving
• Capacity firming
• Etc.

It’s all about economics

Not only will it be essential –and at some cases required- to deliver power and inertia with the quickest response, but also it will be economically and environmentally wise. Minimizing greenhouse emissions, fuel consumption and engine running hours are the reasons behind.

Firstly, when very fast response is required to keep frequency of the grid within the allowed range, the storage system is the quickest and sometimes the only technical solution available to achieve it and prevent eventual millionaire penalties from the system operators.

Secondly, since the energy storage substitutes the spinning reserve requirement, it removes the senseless and costly fuel consumption of the spinning reserve.

Thirdly, traditionally when high power ramp-up is needed it is achieved by multiple units running in parallel at low load. With our solutions, the storage system will take care of such ramp-up and some generating sets can be disconnected and others will work in higher efficiency point, thus resulting in an overall improve of plant efficiency and less running hours.

Be part of our game changing solution and take the leadership integrating renewable energies in an efficient and flexible operation of your ICE power plant.

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