• Submersible pumps

    Submersible pumps

The INDAR SP Series is a family of submersible pumps and motors specially designed for pumping water in different types of application. Its modular design enables it to cover a wide range of flows and heads.

The pumping solution based on INDAR SP equipment involves the most advanced computational design processes, the use of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) tools and electrical and mechanical (Finite Elements Method) calculation programs. Together with finely-tuned industrial techniques and tests, the results consist of robust and reliable groups of pumps.

INDAR's most advanced technology includes a hydraulic laboratory and test bench, enabling it to develop products using in-house, custom-made technology.

This technology not only makes it possible to select the manufacturing material for the standard series but also caters for special, custom-made designs for requirements not included in the catalogue, always bearing in mind the best solution to fit our clients' needs.


Clean water pumping
Flow:  50m³/h - 8000 m³/h
Power: 30kW - 3900 kW
30m - 1000 m

Semi-axial and radial submersible motor and pump

Clean water pumping
Clean water pumping
Flow: Up to 8000 m³/h
Power: Up to 3900 kW
Head: Up to 1000 m
Semi-axial and radial submersible motor and pump
Wastewater and rainwater pumping
Flow: Up to 10000m³/h
Power: Up to 1200 kW
Head: Up to 100 m
Type: Radial, submersible motor and pump

Wastewater and rainwater pumping
Flow: Up to 21000 m³/h
Power: Up to 1000 kW
Head: Up to 25 m
Type: Propeller, submersible motor and pump

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