Prevention, quality and environment

Environmental policy 

The environment will, at all times, be protected as this is a key factor in INDAR´s business success in the design, manufacture, technical assistance and maintenance of generators, electric motors and submersible pumps.

INDAR aims to encourage constant care for and respect of the environment by means of a proactive approach designed to strengthen awareness, commitment and continuous improvement of the organization through related activities in their offices and the environmental implications of their services taking into account the prevention of pollution and the sustainable use of resources as an essential part of its activity.

INDAR believes that the environment has a dual significance: it is a common good that must be protected and managed appropriately and respectfully and it is also a resource that provides an added value.

Therefore, the organization is committed comply thoroughly with legal requirements as well as with voluntary commitments undertaken through the application of the appropriate environmental policies.

Thanks to the effort and collaboration of all INDAR staff, this Policy is now a reality we are extremely proud of and it serves as a reference framework in the establishment of environmental goals.

Policy on safety and health at work

INDAR’s prime objective is the safety of all its employees because they are its most valuable resource. INDAR gives maximum priority to their protection and it is convinced that this is a key factor in the business success.

INDAR encourages a solid Preventive Culture through a proactive approach conceived to strengthen awareness, commitment and continual improvement of Safety and Health at Work.

INDAR believes that safety is a basic work condition, that must prevail at all times and therefore encourages a working culture where safety is a value to be preserved and safety regulations are to be applied. In all decisions taken by the company, the necessary compliance with the legal labor regulations, its own internal rules and specific commitments regarding Safety and Health at Work is essential.

Thanks to the effort and collaboration of all the employees and managers together with INDAR’s support, this Policy is a reality which we are proud of.

This policy, which will be available for those interested, applies to all areas of our business, workplaces and people involved in the activity, i.e., both our own staff and contractors and third parties.