• Traction Converters

    Traction Converters

Auxiliary power supply systems

These systems can be adapted to any traction system and the entire range of catenary voltage. From the initial design phase of these systems, obtaining the best energy performance is kept very much in mind, as well as minimizing the need for space.

  • Direct connection to 750-, 1,500- or 3,000-Vdc networks, as well as to the secondary of transformers of 1,000 or 1,500 Vac, 16 2/3 Hz or 50 Hz for AC catenary systems
  • Input power factor control for AC catenary systems (cosf=0.95)
    • Possibility of incorporating RS-85, CAN, MVB and other communication buses.
    • The power circuit switching devices are state-of-the-art IGBTs, specific for traction, while the control is carried out with DSP signal processors (Digital Signal Processors).
  • The cooling of the auxiliary converter is carried out by forced-air ventilation or water, depending on the output power and the client’s preferences.
  • The battery chargers, of in-house design and manufacture, are intelligent devices that are based on high-frequency resonant circuits to minimize the space required and weight, and to be integrated with the auxiliary power supply system itself.

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