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At INDAR the validation of the machines before delivery is compulsory in order to provide our clients with a reliable product. INDAR has the cutting-edge technology on this sector, including an electrical machines laboratory and test bench, which together with a highly qualified RDI department help us develop our products with in-house technology and adapt them to the customers' needs.

All information generated during the series and type tests is centralised and managed by an IT system which collects the parameters studied during the tests so that real instant readings can be obtained on the functioning of the machines. This makes it possible to gain a detailed understanding of the machine and its behaviour in all conditions, previously established depending on the working specifications and conditions required by the client.

The results obtained during tests are the basis of a process of optimisation, validation and adaptation of INDAR products to different applications and working conditions.

The validation of our custom-made designs and standard series is systematised in INDAR's test bench, with the capacity to carry out different tests on different machines simultaneously.

Laboratory main features
Dimensions 200m2 testing floor (20m x 10m) located over a seismic mass of 1600 Ton.
Crane capacity 126 Ton.
Water closed loop
3 MW coolingcapacity
Full load testing capacity Single machine testing with a 4MW HS driving machine supplied with LV PWM.
  Single machine testing with a 8MW HS driving machine supplied with MV PWM.
  Back to back testing up to 65 MW at 50Hz and 43MW at 60Hz frequencies.
Efficiency Torque measurement system for direct efficiency measurement
  Also separated losses acc. IEC standards.
Voltage levels From 400V to 15.000 V (grid voltage 30kV).
Internal network Frequency variable internal network up to 20MVA, and up to 15kV.
  Obtained with a PM motor driving an EESG.
Testing control Full automated test bench control, and data aquisition systems.
Testing capacity Allows simultaneously different test in paralell arrangement.
LVRT (low voltage ride through) Low Voltage Ride Through testing capability.
Dielectric test Dielectric test equipment up to 100kV.
Climatic chamber Temperature control -30ºC / +80ºC.
  Humidity control 5% / 95%.
Insulation ageing testing Thermal Electrical Ageing
  Temperature control up to 250ºC, and voltage up to 50kV.
  Endurance testing according IEC, IEEE and Indar standard.
Bearings Load and thermal testing for bearing arrangements.
Measuring equipment Megger, Insulation, HV test, Partial Discharges, Tanδ, Oscilloscopes (V, I, P, S, PF,…), Temperature measurement, Vibration & Sound, Laser Tracker 3D dimensional.
Posible testing Vibration measurement
  Insulation resistance
  Insulation HV test up to 50 kV
  Partial discharge
  Tanδ or dissipation factor test
  Sound measurement
  No load testing
  Short circuit testing
  Sudden short circuit
  Low voltage ride through testing
  Full load testing
  Direct efficiency testing
  Separated losses efficiency testing
  Dielectric strengh of coils
  Thermal and electrical ageing of coils according to IEC, IEEE and Indar standard.
  Life expentancy testing of bearings



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