Submersible Motors

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Submersible Motors

The family of products INDAR ISM (Induction Submersible Motors) is composed of submersible motors designed to provide solutions for a wide variety of submersible and submersed applications. 

Besides reliability androbustness, distinguished features of  INDAR products, and the wide range of powers, speeds, voltages and cooling systems available, INDAR offers enormous flexibility in terms of design, providing custom-made solutions for all types of requirements and solutions for submersed drivers.

Submersible pumps

In turn, the INDAR ISM family of products is available in three versions depending on the application: The ISMM series for dredging applications and deep-water equipment and the ISMML  and ISMMF series, specially designed for operating submersible pumps in different applications.
Submersible induction motors for the marine industry and sub-aquatic mining
Power: 400 kW - 6500 kW
Speed: 2p ≥ 4 poles
Voltage:  400 V - 3,300 V (oil); up to  11,000 V (air)
Isolation: H
Water submersible motor
Power: Up to 3000 kW (4000 HP)
Speed: 735 rpm - 3500 rpm
Voltage: Up to 13800 V


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Submersible motors ISM

Submersible motors ISM