Process automation


Ingeteam obtains 55 million euros from The European Investment Bank
The European Investment Bank (EIB) has granted Ingeteam a loan of 55 million euros to support its research, development and innovation activities in the area of renewable energy. Ingeteam will therefore be able to strengthen its research, development and innovation into production systems and procedures related to electrical equipment for generating renewab...


Ingeteam opens new subsidiaries in Romania and the Philippines
With the opening of these two new subsidiaries in Romania and the Philippines, Ingeteam has increased its global presence to 17 countries in all five continents. In Romania, the company is focussing its activity on the wind power sector and, more specifically, on wind farm maintenance, due to the great development potential in the renewables market there. ...


New Ingeteam app for iOS platform
Ingeteam launches an iPad app for its clients and partners.  This application is designed to store all of the information on frequency converters, grid energy storage and management, control and protection systems for transport and distribution grids and automation systems. It will allow our clients and partners to have up-to-date information on p...


Ingeteam launches its new INGEPAC RIO platform of remote IEC61850 input and output modules
INGEPAC RIO is a remote digital input and output module for IEC61850 networks, whose communications are based on GOOSE. It is used for reducing and simplifying the input and output cabling of the elements to be controlled. INGEPAC RIO is installed close to signal capturing and is connected via Ethernet to the station or process bus. Likewise, it is used for...


iTSX Technology. INGESYS IC3® MBD platform ideal for applications with hard real time requirements
The technology developed by Ingeteam Power Technology makes it possible to make control loops with response times above 200us with a jitter less than 500ns. The determinism of the INGESYS IC3® monitoring and control platform is achieved using a synchronous architecture called iTSX whose components are the processing unit, I/O modules and communications b...
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