• Variable Speed Drives

    Variable Speed Drives

  • Over 2GW Installed

    Over 2GW Installed

  • More than 200 vessels with INGEDRIVE converters

    More than 200 vessels with INGEDRIVE converters

  • Flexible & Customized

    Flexible & Customized

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Ingeteam, in its commitment to offer customers a comprehensive solution that is fully adapted to their needs, provides the 360ºCRS (Customer Relationship Service) for its entire product range, which includes a complete advisory service, direct technical support, training and maintenance throughout the life of its products.

360ºCRS is a dynamic and customised service covering all phases and contact points between Ingeteam and its customers. The 360ºCRS program is supported by a professional technical team focused on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of the product and services, always in line with the latest advances and technologies in each application sector.




Within the 360ºCRS program, the following services are included, among others:


Remote Diagnostic Support:

I Quickest way to receive qualified and skilled first technical assistance.

I Fast and efficient fault-finding procedure.

I Standard in all INGEDRIVE™ Converters.

I No licence needed.

On-Site Technical Support

I Skilled engineers will support customer on-site for commissioning, troubleshooting, technical assistance or training.

I Quick reaction time.

Preventive Maintenance

I Scheduled regular inspections to reduce risk of failure and increase of product life expectancy

I Preventive maintenance kit: Drive specific kits containing all needed spares for specific repair tasks, custom bundled up by Ingeteam engineers or particular plants.

Emergency Technical Support

I 24/7 immediate phone access to specialized engineer with problem-solving capabilities.

INGEDRIVE MV900 Catálogue

INGEDRIVE MV900 Catálogue

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INGEDRIVE Product Range Table

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