Ingeteam Power Technology, After-Sales Services are specially designed to meet the requirements of our customers with electrical and automation equipment solutions. Ingeteam´s core competence, and thus our main focus, lies in the field of electrical engineering services.

Using state-of-the-art telecommunication resources, directly from our offices or anywhere in the world, we are able to connect, directly with our customer’s installations, accessing the installation’s control, supervision and diagnosis systems (Automation units, HMI, Recorder,...). Remote technical assistance carried out through telematics communications channels.

Our customer-based business model has led to the creation of special departments. These departments incorporate personnel and tools especially selected for this purpose, which form an integral part of the activities developed.

Technological support:

After the installation’s guarantee expires, we provide the resources required to solve problems that might occur.

We have technical personnel on standby, contactable by telephone, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Spare parts:

Ingeteam Power Technology offers spare parts for all systems supplied. It is recommended that customers purchase and maintain a stock of spare parts, so that replacement devices are available when required.


During guarantee period, Ingeteam Power Technology controls all the repairs carried out on materials and/or equipment supplied by Ingeteam within the scope of the project.

We offer the maximum agility in the repair of damaged equipment and the management of spare parts. We offer contract models tailored to the needs of each plant.

Training of operation and maintenance personnel:

Training courses tailored to the needs of our customers; within the framework of content and location.  We offer training at our offices as well as on-site, at the customer’s premises.

Integral maintenance. T.A.S. – Technical Assistance Service:

Ingeteam Power Technology has an unparalleled expertise in the integral management of a plant’s maintenance. This service is provided by a team of technical experts that is fully integrated into the organizational structure of the plant. This team of maintenance experts undertakes preventive and corrective maintenance works, in close collaboration with the rest of the Division’s personnel.

  • Maintenance in use,
  • Corrective Maintenance,
  • Preventive Maintenance,
  • Predictive Maintenance,
  • Overhaul Maintenance,
  • Maintenance on demand,
  • Tele-Maintenance,

Ingeteam se adjudica el mantenimiento de una de las plantas mexicanas más potentes del país by Jara

Ø  Se trata de un nuevo contrato para dar mantenimiento a la planta Magdalena II de Enel Green Power Mexico que supone dar soporte a una instalación de 550.000 paneles bifaciales y 220 MW de potencia.

Ø  Evita la emisión anual de aproximadamente 350.000 toneladas de CO2 a la atmósfera

Ø  Para esta planta Ingeteam también ha suministrado un sistema de protección, control y medida para la subestación elevadora.

Ingeteam suministra la primera estación de recarga para vehículos eléctricos con almacenamiento de energía de España by Nair
Ingeteam recibe un nuevo pedido para automatizar la red de distribución secundaria en Tailandia by Sergio
Ingeteam bate su propio récord en cargadores para coches eléctricos en 2020 by Nair
Ingeteam trabaja en el desarrollo de una solución de automatización de subestaciones totalmente digitalizada by Sergio
Ingeteam y la UCLM utilizarán inteligencia artificial en plantas fotovoltaicas by Nair

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