Ingeteam looks for candidates to create an employment exchange

Ingeteam looks for candidates to create an employment exchange

The Bussines Unit Ingeteam Service proposes to recruit 20 candidates for the summer to form and employment exchange with the aim of facilitating internal training that enables candidates to work in the wind sector with subsequent hiring. The project is aimed not only at people who want to work during the summer period, but also at people looking for a job improvement.

The requirements to be able to register are the following: to possess some course related to the electrical sector, FP average and/or superior degree in electricity, electronics, mechanics, electrotechnical and automated systems, engineering or related. Once the training period is over, the candidates will enter the Ingeteam employment exchange with real possibilities os hiring.

The positons offered are related to the functions of wind maintenance technician, blade repairs, preventive maintenance, retrofits, documentation report, quality inspections, etc. The work is done mostly in the heights, therefore people without fear are needed, with availability to travel. since Ingeteam is present in 22 countries, with commitment, enthusiasm and attitude.

People interested in this project can send their Cv to:



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