Ingeteam is manufacturing three main drives of more than 10 MW for aerospace and wind power testing facilities

Ingeteam is manufacturing three main drives of more than 10 MW for aerospace and wind power testing facilities

During the 2020, Ingeteam, has been developing, between others, three flagship projects for the Test Systems Sector. In all three cases, the power being supplied is higher than 10 MW, and in each of the projects explained below, the operating voltage level is different, going from a low-voltage solution in 690 V to a main drive package at 6600 V.

Frequency Converters for a Wind Turbine Drivetrain

The first project is the one operating in low voltage (690 V), which is being manufactured for a Wind Turbine Drivetrain Testing Facility. For this project, we are only supplying the frequency converters, and although the power level supplied is huge, there is still an open possibility of extending the power demanded by the application in the future.

Our solution is formed by four different INGEDRIVETM LV400 FAMILY water cooled converters operating in synchronism, to offer a total power rating of over 20 MW, for a top tier European wind turbine testing facility.

Main Drive for a Wind Turbine Gearbox

The second installation is dedicated to Wind Turbine Gearbox Testing, so our frequency converter is a MULTIDRIVE, in a voltage range up to 3300 V. Multidrives are characterized by one common rectifier forming a DC bus which feeds two or more motor-side inverters.

Specifically for this project, the INGEDRIVETM MV100 FAMILY has been selected, also in its water cooled alternative. The total power supplied is 2x 11.5 MW, as each inverter feeds one Squirrel Cage Induction Motor, each one connected to a gearbox on a back-to-back arrangement.

In the scope of this project, we are also supplying two INDAR Motors, matching the same power rating of the converters previously mentioned.

Electric Equipment for an Aerospace Vehicle Testing Wind Tunnel

The third test system is a wind tunnel for Aerospace Testing, is operated at 6600 V and reaching a power of 14.5 MW. For this project, we are supplying the complete main drive package including a medium-voltage switchgear and an oil-immersed transformer.

This time the MV900 FAMILY has been chosen, which is the latest of all of the INGEDRIVETM products. It is similar to the MV100 FAMILY as both are using a Three Level NPC High Voltage IGBT configuration, MV900 serially connects two HV-IGBTs in order to reach 6600V motor voltage.

Ingedrive MV900 is a high-power density product built of 10MW power blocks aiming, for higher power applications than the MV100 FAMILY.

Summary of Capabilities

In summary, these three different projects show Ingeteam’s capabilities in Test Systems, as they show we are able to develop and supply World Class Main Electric Drives for different sectors (Aerospace, Wind Power, Automotive, etc.), for High Power Applications, Varied Configurations, Changing Scopes of Supply and Different Voltage Ratings.

Due to our company business model and product technology, one of our biggest strengths are the high level of customization and personalization that we are able to offer to our clients. This, together with our technological expertise,  ensures that we are a reliable and strategic partner for High Power Test Systems development.

Aitor Martínez | Sales Manager – Industry, M&I Drives, Ingeteam Power Technology


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