Revamping of old fashion Rolling mills requires very specific solutions being one of our Division’s areas of activity. 

The solutions presented to the customer are aimed at optimizing their investment return. These may involve, electrical and control revamping measures for each specific application. Modifications are aimed at improving the mills' capacity by increasing process speeds.

Moreover, by implementing state-of-the-art AHC, AGC, AFC control systems the quality of the produced strip is improved, insofar as it concerns final characteristics, thickness and flatness. These are complemented by open production management systems, data collection (Data Logger) and remote systems, directed at optimizing both the process and maintenance management.

Among the different projects executed by Ingeteam, it is important to highlight the vast range of tasks undertaken, ranging from replacement of all the electrical equipment up to partial revamping measures, like the installation of new converters in drives. 

Common objectives of revamping processes over old fashion CRM’s are.

  • Higher flexibility and increased rolling capacity, when producing new products,
  • Improved tolerances: higher accuracy in terms of thickness and flatness,
  • Reducing head and tail lengths out of tolerance, 
  • Improved and higher availability of components increasing their life expectancy, 
  • Improvement in characteristics for diagnostic purposes. 
  • Minimizing of stoppage periods. 
  • Minimizing the time required to put the plant back in full operation.

Ingeteam se adjudica el mantenimiento de una de las plantas mexicanas más potentes del país by Jara

Ø  Se trata de un nuevo contrato para dar mantenimiento a la planta Magdalena II de Enel Green Power Mexico que supone dar soporte a una instalación de 550.000 paneles bifaciales y 220 MW de potencia.

Ø  Evita la emisión anual de aproximadamente 350.000 toneladas de CO2 a la atmósfera

Ø  Para esta planta Ingeteam también ha suministrado un sistema de protección, control y medida para la subestación elevadora.

Ingeteam suministra la primera estación de recarga para vehículos eléctricos con almacenamiento de energía de España by Nair
Ingeteam recibe un nuevo pedido para automatizar la red de distribución secundaria en Tailandia by Sergio
Ingeteam bate su propio récord en cargadores para coches eléctricos en 2020 by Nair
Ingeteam trabaja en el desarrollo de una solución de automatización de subestaciones totalmente digitalizada by Sergio
Ingeteam y la UCLM utilizarán inteligencia artificial en plantas fotovoltaicas by Nair

Electrical and Automation Revamp tension leveller, AHMSA, México

Stainless Steel SKP, Outokumpu, Finland

4 High Reversing Cold Rolling Mill, Lusosider

Electrical and Automation Revamp Sainless Steel SKP, APERAM, Genk-Belgium

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