Wind Converters

Offshore Wind Converters

As announced recently, Ingeteam participates as electrical systems expert and equipment supplier in ReaLCoE, a Senvion-led EU-backed 10MW+ offshore wind turbine prototype project. We envision important electrical system optimization opportunities, enabled by industrially proven technologies and a robust modular power conversion architecture.

Ingeteam is the world’s #1 independent supplier of wind power converters. We design, develop, manufacture and provide wind power converters for wind turbines, offering a tailored solution to meet the client’s highest standards and every project’s requirements.

Discover our offshore wind converters up to 15MW to increase reliability, boost efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.


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Wind Converters

Offshore Wind Converters

FULL CONVERTER Medium Voltage Up to 15MW

For wind turbines with a synchronous or asynchronous generator with direct drive, medium speed or high speed drive train technology.

A technology used by many wind turbine manufacturers due to its operating flexibility, energy management advantages and high efficiency at low speeds.

Medium voltage Full Converter HV IGTB power converters up to 15MW have been optimized for parallelized solutions in order to increase efficiency, minimize downtime and reduce impact on overall cost. 

Key benefits

  • High modularity for offshore applications minimizing energy loss
  • Full redundant control hardware, preventing turbine downtime
  • Higher efficiency and lower cabling cost
  • High versatility to simplify installation in both nacelle and tower
  • Maintenance-friendly, reducing downtime
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