Indar MH will be showcasing the latest submersible solutions for Water Engineering

With occasion of the IFAT exhibition in Munich (May 14th to 18th) Indar will showcase its state-of-the art submersible water engineering solutions for water and wastewater. Indar offers high capacity and efficient submersible pumps and motors for water intake projects, dewatering projects (mining, storm tanks) and waste water treatment among others.  

The recent award of the Lake Mead Water Intake #3 project owned by Southern Nevada Water Authority to Indar (SNWA) comprising the design, supply and commissioning of 20 low lift motor pump sets (2345 kW each) and 10 high lift motor pump sets (3878 kW each) has boosted Indar´s leadership in the field.

Experience, technology and a unique submersible pump test bench allows us to provide the most efficient and tailor made range of submersible pump and motors to our partners and customers (utilities, municipal water systems, etc).

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Indar MH to deliver the largest submersible motor pump sets ever to Southern Nevada Water Authority

Lake Mead (Las Vegas) water levels have dropped more than 40 m since the drought began in 2000. The new pumping station will allow SNWA to pump water from Lake Mead from an elevation as low as 267 m above sea level into the water treatment facilities and further on to provide water to the city of Las Vegas and neighbor community area. This pumping station with its huge 30 Indar submersible motor pump sets will be the blueprint for newly built large pumping stations and furthermore for refurbishment of all old-fashioned vertical turbine equipped stations.


Most advanced solutions for Water Engineering

Whenever there is flood risk, water at high depths, acoustic contamination, reduced space availability, restrictions for adapting the installation to existing equipment, urgency for readiness, requirements out of standards, necessity for large and powerful pump motor sets, maintenance free submersible solutions, equipment designed for the application and type of use, our clients count on the most reliable and competitive submersible solutions in the market. The INDAR SP Series is a family of submersible pumps and motors specially designed for pumping water in different types of application. Its modular design enables it to cover a wide range of flows and heads.

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