Continuous Caster Machines –CCM’s–

During the 80's of the last century, there was a strong industrial reconversion in Spain. They were the years after the birth of the companies formerly known as Ingelectric and Team, nowadays Ingeteam Power technology. At that time, the national steel industry was subject to major reforms and investments. Continuous Casting Machines were at the time a fundamental part of our order books, giving us a great knowledge and references in this type of processes and applications. 

Today, as heirs of that knowledge, our supply possibilities cover the different types of drives and AC/DC techniques: 

  • Laddle turret,
  • Tundish cars,
  • Oscillating mould,
  • Withdrawal units,
  • Straightening machines,
  • Dummy bar,
  • Roller tables,
  • Cooling bed and transfers…etc.

Also, we include Level 0, Level 1 and Level 2 automation and control of all this kind of facilities: 

  • Media systems: lubrication, greasing and hydraulic units, exhausters, etc.
  • Primary, secondary and emergency water controls, and associated instruments an valves:

      o Mould water control,

      o Sprays water control, for strand cooling, based on metallurgical recipes,

  • Control and monitoring of other fluids: nitrogen, argon oxygen
  • Platform controls: ladle turret, tundish cars, Addition of powder, graphite, in mold.
  • Strands controls: dummy bar, withdrawal and straightening units, 
  • Discharge Roller tables and cooling bed controls.
  • Signal exchange with package units:

      o Slag detection on ladle detection system,

      o Molten steel temperature and O2 content measuring system,

      o Weighing equipment in ladle and tundish,

      o Torch Cutting machines: control or interface,

  • Management of production orders and associated set-points from higher control levels: level 2 system,

Technological control systems, such as:

  • Tundish level Control,
  • Mould level Control, by means of strand’s speed regulation or nozzle regulation,
  • Mould width adjustment,
  • Strand cooling controls, based on metallurgical recipes,
  • Breakout prediction,

Our references in these types of machines go from slabs, blooms, beam-blanks and billets casting machines.

6 Strand Billet Caster, Sidenor

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