• Weltweit mehr als 22 GW Solarstrom installiert

    Weltweit mehr als 22 GW Solarstrom installiert

Unser breites Sortiment bietet für jeden Photovoltaikanlagentyp den passenden Wechselrichter.

Lösungen im Versorgungsbereich

MV turnkey solution up to 7.65 MVA, with all the elements integrated on a full skid, equipped with one or two INGECON SUN 3Power C Series solar inverters.

Ingeteam's solar inverter with the highest power density thanks to its 3,825 kVA of maximum AC power.

MV turnkey solution up to 7.2 MVA, with all the elements integrated on a full skid, equipped with from one to four INGECON SUN Power B Series solar inverters.

Produktreihe von Dreiphasen-Zentralwechselrichtern zur Verwendung in Räumen mit einer Nennleistung zwischen 830 und 1800 kW.

MV solution up to 11.2 MVA, for decentralized photovoltaic plants with 1500V string PV inverters.

Multi-MPPT string inverter up to 350 kVA with 12 MPPTs and 1,500V technology.

Power plant control system for solar PV plants (with or without batteries) to guarantee the quality and stability of the electric supply.

Gewerblicher und industrieller Eigenverbrauch

Single-phase battery inverter with two integrated photovoltaic inputs for residential and commercial use.

Three-phase transformerless PV inverters with a double MPPT system.

Three-phase inverter up to 110 kW with 1000Vdc technology.

Three-phase battery inverter with 100 kW of rated power for industrial self-consumption systems.


Gerät zur Messung der Stringströme des PV-Generators und Erkennung von Fehlerströmen.
Vielfältige Möglichkeiten zur Kommunikation mit den PV-Wechselrichtern über PC oder PLC.
Anwendungen zur Überwachung der PV-Anlagen vor Ort oder per Fernsteuerung.

Sizing software for self-consumption systems and solar PV plants designed with string inverters.

O&M Services

+11 GW of O&M contracts for solar PV plants all over the world.



Commissioning, technical asset management, supply chain management or engineering support are just some of our additional special services.

Ingeteam offers revamping solutions to upgrade existing solar PV plants.

Legacy products

Plug & Play PV inverters intended for the residential and industrial sectors and for larger, decentralised projects.

Single-phase hybrid (solar + battery) inverter with one MPPT for the solar PV array.

Three-phase transformerless PV inverters with a single MPP tracker.

Three-phase inverter up to 160 kW with 1500Vdc technology.


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