Because of high strength applications yet good ductility are widely needed in many processes and industries also including characteristics such as: weldability, deformability (easily shaped usually by deep-drawing), these types of steels can be only processed and produced by means of annealing lines including capabilities for annealing and cooling.

In this type of lines, following a precise curve of temperature, the strip previously deformed during cold rolling mill to achieve their mechanical properties, is annealed and later on cooled according to a predefined pattern (different temperatures, holding times, cooling rates, processing speed) in order to re-orientate and restructure the grain formed during the cold rolling process.

  • 14/11/2023

    SPS Drive

    The SPS is the industry highlight of the automation sector and, with its unique concept, represents the complete spectrum of smart and digital automat...

Bright Annealing Line -Outocumpu Suecia

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