Cogeneration plants are energy efficient plants. In the same process where mechanical energy is used for electrical energy generation, waste heat is used to produce useful thermal energy. The thermal equipment is complemented with the electrical and control part for the operation of the plant.

Trigeneration. In those processes where besides heat needs large amounts of cold is required, the installation of an absorption machine is advisable.

We supply the integrated control system for cogeneration and trigeneration plants for District Heating, Greenhouses, Textile Plants …

Interconnection to the grid:

  • Line protection, measurement and position control

Integrated generator control:

  • Sequence Control
  • Voltage and Reactive Power Regulation
  • Synchronization

Auxiliary system control

Boiler and absorption chiller control

SCADA systems for control and supervision:

  • Supervision
  • Reports and trends
  • Alarms and events
  • Integration with other control equipment

 Control, supervision and assistance

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