Indar celebrates its 75th anniversary

Indar celebrates its 75th anniversary

Indar celebrated the 75th anniversary of the company, together with representatives from authorities and institutions, who were given a guided tour of the company's facilities. The company, which has a headcount of more than 780 employees, designs and manufactures rotating electric machines (electric motors and generators) and hydraulic machines (submersible pumps and motors) and markets its products and services in more than 45 countries.

Indar has production facilities in Milwaukee (USA), Mexico D.F, Beasain in the Basque Country and Segorbe in Castellón. Indar designs and manufactures tailored products in the power generation fields, highlighting its leadership in hydro power generation, wind power, stationary power (combustion engines), gas and steam (biomass, cogeneration,  geothermal, etc.) in addition to different drives and advanced electric propulsion systems, electrical systems for all types of vessels and water pumping (submersible pumps and motors).

With an expected turnover of 147 million euros for 2015, 90% of which  corresponds to exports, the very fact that that Indar is the owner of its own technology, makes the company a leading world player in a number of sectors. In the power generation sector, Indar has a current installed capacity of more than 25 GW throughout the world, equivalent to approximately a fourth of the installed electric power in Spain. Particular mention should also be made of Turkey, a country in which Indar is a leader in installed hydro power.

The President of the Regional Council of Gipuzkoa, Markel Olano; the Basque Government Regional Minister for Economic Development and Competitiveness, Arantxa Tapia; and the Mayor of Beasain, Aitor Aldasoro; the Chairwoman of Ingeteam, Teresa Madariaga; the CEO of Ingeteam, Javier Ojeda; and the CEO of Indar, Alex Belaustegi, amongst others, were there to celebrate this 75th anniversary. The event was also attended by Iván Martén, Senior Partner and Managing Director of The Boston Consulting Group and Global Leader of BCG's Energy practice, an expert consultant in the energy sector, who presented a paper giving a description of the global energy scene.

Indar's divisions

Amongst Indar's business activities, particular mention should be made of the hydro power division, wind power, submersible motors and pumps, as well as the company's motor division for the marine and mining sectors. Indar also boasts a combined power electronics and electric machines laboratory whose characteristics are unique in the global market.

In the hydro power division, Indar manufactures synchronous generators with a unit power of up to 70 MVA, for voltages of up to 15 kV, and is a global leader in its sector.

In the wind power division, Indar develops generators for the world's leading wind turbine manufacturers and currently has 18 GW of installed power. This, together with the converters and automation equipment manufactured by Ingeteam Power Technology S.A., has led the Ingeteam Group to become a sector leader with a market share of around 8% of the installed power, at a world level.

Whilst the Submersible Pumps & Motors division designs and manufactures a wide range of pumps and motors for pumping water (fresh and waste), offshore platforms (ballasting/de-ballasting systems, fire-fighting, etc.), mining and hydro power, amongst others. It has the capacity to deliver motors with power outputs of up to 6.5 MW,  flow rates of 21.000 m3/h and depths of up to 935 m.

Finally, another clear example of Indar's commitment to technology is its range of products offered by its Motors division to the Marine and Mining sectors. Specifically, electric propulsion and power generation system for vessels. Under the INDP (Indar Drive Products) concept, Indar delivers generators, Ingeteam frequency converters and main and auxiliary propulsion electric motors to the offshore sector,  suction dredgers (Indar is the world leader in the manufacture of submersible motors to drive dredging pumps), ferries, oceanographic vessels, etc.