04/03/2019 - 06/03/2019

Norway is a major energy nation in Europe based on a completely unique set of resources: hydropower, petroleum and new renewable energy sources such as windpower and biomass. Norway has only one per cent of Europe's population, but 20 per cent of the hydropower resources, 50 per cent of the water reservoirs (stored water for hydropower production), 40 per cent of the gas resources and 60 per cent of the oil resources.
Energy Norway represents the renewable energy industry in Norway, i.e. companies producing, transporting or trading renewable energy. Our members produce 130-140 TWh annually, which is some 99 per cent of all power production in Norway. Our members have approximately 2.5 million grid customers, which is about 90 per cent of Norway's grid customers. The members of Energy Norway have some 15 000 employees, and have a gross annual turnover of about 70-75 billion Norwegian kroner (equivalent to approximately 8 billion Euro or 9 billion USD).


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04-06 March


PTK Conference, Oslo


Biskop Gunnerus' gate 3,
0155 Oslo, Noruega

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