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Ingeteam's new subsidiary in Australia

Ingeteam's new subsidiary in Australia
In line with the company's decision to expand abroad and to seek new markets, Ingeteam has opened a new subsidiary in Australia. Oceania was the only continent in which the company had no facilities, and Australia is a country with tremendous potential, a country which favours renewable energies and which is a strategic area for Ingeteam.

It is precisely in this area, specifically in the PV sector, in which Ingeteam has already launched a number of projects, although it is also working in the wind power, hydropower and mining sectors. Australia is one of the of the world's most developed countries in terms of mining and many of the leading companies in this sector are located there.

Furthermore, Ingeteam has the necessary technology to develop the so-called "smart grids", which are extremely necessary in Australia, due to the obsolescence of its present-day power grid and the concentration of the population in highly specific spacious areas, which makes it necessary to have a stable grid. 

The railway traction sector should also be taken into account, a sector in which the Ingeber braking energy recovery technology developed by Ingeteam could have considerable applicability in the railway infrastructure in the large metropolitan areas. Finally, the company is also to market products and services for the shipbuilding industry. The Australian Navy is a customer of Navantia, for which the company Pine, an Ingeteam subsidiary, has already worked, supplying electrical equipment to a number of ships.

The new subsidiary is located on the Innovation Campus of North Wollongong,in New South Wales, at a distance of around 85 kilometres from Sydney and some 250 kilometres from Canberra.

This new Australian branch is therefore added to those in Germany, the Czech Republic, China, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Italy, France, Chile, Poland, South Africa and India, strengthening the Company's international position.