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Ingeteam connects 86 MW at twelve PV plants in France

Ingeteam connects 86 MW at twelve PV plants in France
Over the last six months, Ingeteam has commissioned twelve PV plants in France, with a total power output of 86 MW. These plants are located in the southern-most part of the country. Ingeteam, which specialises in electrical engineering and in the development of frequency converters, motors, generators and control systems, is now strengthening its position as a leading inverter manufacturer.

Ingeteam first became established in France in 2010. Since then, the company has implemented some 30 projects of more than 1 MW and has participated in the commissioning of more than 240 MW. Specifically, Ingeteam supplied inverters to 25% of the projects awarded by the Energy Regulatory Commission in mainland France and in French overseas provinces and territories.

In the course of 2013, Ingeteam was awarded some major projects in France comprising 156 MW of solar inverters supplied to the French market, in addition to service contracts in the wind-power sector and its involvement in the construction of a number of hydraulic works.

Ingeteam is a flexible company, capable of adapting to meet the needs of each specific project. This is reflected in the fact that Ingeteam is the first company to supply its customers with 1 MW solar inverters. Furthermore, this year Ingeteam has also started up control cabinets for the telemanagement of the electrical grid in France (DEIE).

In order to provide optimal service, in 2013 Ingeteam doubled the personnel working at the company's facilities in France.