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Indar Committed Towards CO2 Reduction

Indar Committed Towards CO2 Reduction

Every January 28 is celebrated World Day for the Reduction of CO2 Emissions. The goal is to raise awareness about global climate change, especially about the reduction of greenhouse gases.

The United Nations (UN), designated this day to make decisions for the benefit of environmental care and to promote the development and application of policies to reduce gas emissions.

Climate change is the most pressing environmental challenge of our time. Taking action is a clear priority to achieve 'net zero' greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050. 

From Indar, we want to congratulate to the Railway industry as a relatively low-carbon form of transport, and one of the most efficient ways of moving high volumes of people into city centers and moving people and goods over long distances.

Nevertheless, talking about this environmental challenge some questions arise:
- How difficult it is to reduce carbon in transport and what each industry (highways and railways) could do to help achieve the targets.
- How can we accelerate decarbonization of the transport network to achieve the 2030 target?
- What is the role of rail in the decarbonization of the transport sector?
- How can rail reduce its carbon emissions further and faster?

Sustainable Mobility is an essential role in people's lives and economy and Indar wants to support this achievement in a cost-effective way with It's electric engines.


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