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INGEDRIVE® is the family of low-and medium-voltage frequency converters designed and manufactured by Ingeteam. Their modular design allows them to cover a wide range of powers and voltages, while their intuitive structure makes them easy to use and maintain.

INGEDRIVE® frequency converters are designed for single- and multiple-motor applications and can work with both synchronous and asynchronous motors as well as permanent magnet motors.

The range of INGEDRIVE® frequency converters is ideal for both four-quadrant operation with energy feedback (AFE configuration) and for applications without energy feedback (DFE rectifier).

The incorporation of control via optic fibre for the whole converter range  and the use of latest generation semiconductors,  result in technologically-advanced, highly-efficient equipment with a safe, flexible and user-friendly interface.

INGEDRIVE® is available with powers from 250 kW to 27 MVA, and  voltages from 400 V to 4.16 kV, offering robust, reliable and long-lasting equipment.

Power Range: 250 kVA – 6.5 MVA
Voltage Range: 380 VAC - 690 VAC
Cooling: Air or water

Power Range: 800 kVA –15 MVA
Voltage Range: 3.3 / 4.16 kVac
Cooling: Air or Water

Power Range: 6 MVA – 36 MVA
Voltage: 3.3 kVac
Cooling: Water

Power Range: 1 MVA – 4 MVA
Voltage: 6.9 kVac
Cooling: Air

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