• More than 2,700 MWh installed

    More than 2,700 MWh installed

ESS for residential applications

Residential energy storage solution composed by:

  • Hybrid inverter INGECON® SUN STORAGE 1Play TL M
  • Li-ion battery INGECON® SUN STORAGE Battery 52HV


  • Single-phase hybrid inverter with 2 solar MPPTs.
  • Compatible with LV and HV batteries (DC voltage range: 40-450V).
  • AC power: 3 and 6 kVA
  • DC power: up to 11kWp
  • Battery modules of 5kWh
  • Operating temperature up to 65ºC
  • Adapted to outdoor installations (inverter: IP65 – batteries: IP54)


Datasheet residential energy storage solution

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