Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct of Ingeteam is intended to set out guidelines for members of the Board of Directors, the Management Group and workforces of Ingeteam companies (referred to here as "Ingeteam employees"), and to reinforce the ethical culture of the organisation in the following areas:

  • Values and principles in Ingeteam business relationships and the implementation of actions, standards and patterns of behaviour aligned with corporate ethics.
  • Indications of types of behaviour which are not tolerated, are inappropriate or may even be considered as criminal in business dealings. Serious non-compliance may result in disciplinary proceedings conducted by the Ethics and Compliance Committee which may culminate in dismissal.
  • The duty to report behaviour that contravenes the code via the reporting channel set up.
Image Code of Conduct

These guidelines on behaviour are expected to be shared by all those with whom Ingeteam maintains a relationship, including customers, suppliers, stockholders, associates, public institutions and private organisations.
The Board of Directors has set up a structure and a model at Ingeteam to prevent, detect and investigate breaches of the Code of Conduct and of the applicable regulations via the Ethics and Compliance Committee, and to enable potential improvements to be put forward.

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