High Power Traction System Test

High Power Traction System Test

During last weeks our technical team has carried out  on our facilities, the traction system test for High Power INGETRAC connverter based system. The test requires from all the elements of the traction chain and a cooling unit, that are installed on a specially-purposed facility.

The traction system test is required by IEC 61377-1 and the inputs from the traction chain behaviour: 

  • Tests required by standards (IEC 61377-1).
  • Route simulation. 
  • Traction system behavior on real traction & braking conditions.
  • Validation of control algorithms,
  • Modulation / Transformer & Motor Models / Protections/ Noise Behavior.
  • Validation of protections, diagnosis system & ”fail safe”.
  • Absolute limits of traction chain components.
Tests according EIC 63777-1
Torque characteristics test at motor hot/cold
Starting torque at zero speed
Temperaturerise on route profile
Motoring-braking transition
Variation line voltage
Commutation test.