Ingeteam launches its new Website

Ingeteam launches its new Website

Ingeteam has launched the company's new website. Based on the model that inspires the entire corporate image, this new interface is designed to offer users an easy browsing experience, facilitating direct contact with each of the business sales areas. This website, whose earlier version was released 6 years ago, has now been revamped to bring its structure into line with the current Strategic Plan.

In addition to clearly displaying the Ingeteam group's complete portfolio of technology and services, one of the key objectives of this revamp is to enhance the online sales effectiveness of our website. With this aim in mind, this new website features enhanced interactivity with potential customers who are browsing the Internet in search of solutions to their requirements.

The new website comprises 13 regional sites, one for each country in which the company has physical locations: USA, China, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, France, South Africa, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, India, Chile and Australia. The contents are primarily available in Spanish and English, although there are also some contents in French, Portuguese, German, etc. All the sites offer the possibility of selecting from four categories: Sectors, Products, Services and Solutions.

Whilst the Indar and Pine brands have their own websites with their own specific products, sectors, services and solutions.