Before hot rolling, it is necessary that the billets / blooms /slabs be homogeneously reheated at a temperature between 1.100ºC and 1.250ºC. This is achieved in the Reheating Furnace specialized in working with both hot and cold material at furnace entry.

Our list of references for this type of installation covers all types of furnaces:

  • Walking hearth & Pusher furnaces, for low investment processes,
  • Walking-beam and refractory beam furnace, for more special applications,
  • Tunnel furnaces for thin and semi-thin slabs in mini-mill processes,
  • Rotary hearth  furnaces, for reheating round ingots for the production of non- welded tubes or pipes,
  • Rototherm furnaces for hardening and tempering tubes and pipes,
  • Handling systems associated to the above mentioned furnaces:

o   roller tables,

o   transfer tables,

o   transfer cars,

o   kick-on and kick-off devices for charge and discharge,

o   Automatic positioning systems with fixed and movable stoppers….etc.

Within the framework of a Reheating Furnace Control, Ingeteam has developed up to three different applications implemented in different control systems, either PC’s or PLC’s, covering the entire control and regulation of a Furnace: from level 0 instrumentation to 1.5 level optimization, through to level 1 sequential and technologic control.

The Reheating Furnace Technological Control System –TCS- is mainly conceived to handle furnace regulation loops as well as metallurgical, energetic and productive strategies such as the ignition/switch-off control of the furnace.                    

The regulation loops and tasks controlled by this application are as follows:

  • Zone temperature regulation,
  • Cross-control air flow and gas flow regulation. There are up to two thermocouples per zone that allow a plausibility control as well as an automatic commutation of the feedback element in case of failure,
  • New strategies of temperature regulation based in 100% sequential impulse firing (no cross-control needed neither associated instruments).,
  • Air/ Gas efficiency correction,
  • Furnace pressure regulation,
  • Combustion air pressure regulation,
  • Combustion air recuperator protection: fume dilution or hot air leakage,
  • Cooling circuit regulation and control: flow, level and   temperature,
  • Solenoid valve control and ON/OFF of combustion ventilators,
  • Indication and monitoring of the process values, trending and logging,
  • Furnace startup strategies / stoppage time control
  • Material tracking,
  • Reports by lot, shift, daily and weekly

Ingeteam se adjudica el mantenimiento de una de las plantas mexicanas más potentes del país by Jara

Ø  Se trata de un nuevo contrato para dar mantenimiento a la planta Magdalena II de Enel Green Power Mexico que supone dar soporte a una instalación de 550.000 paneles bifaciales y 220 MW de potencia.

Ø  Evita la emisión anual de aproximadamente 350.000 toneladas de CO2 a la atmósfera

Ø  Para esta planta Ingeteam también ha suministrado un sistema de protección, control y medida para la subestación elevadora.

Ingeteam suministra la primera estación de recarga para vehículos eléctricos con almacenamiento de energía de España by Nair
Ingeteam recibe un nuevo pedido para automatizar la red de distribución secundaria en Tailandia by Sergio
Ingeteam bate su propio récord en cargadores para coches eléctricos en 2020 by Nair
Ingeteam trabaja en el desarrollo de una solución de automatización de subestaciones totalmente digitalizada by Sergio
Ingeteam y la UCLM utilizarán inteligencia artificial en plantas fotovoltaicas by Nair

180 tm/h refractory Beam Reheating Furnace Azpeitia

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